She teaches by example, drawing on her excellence...

Elena has been teaching my 2 sons music for about 3 years. She has an encouraging yet “get down to business” manor that draws the best from her students. She teaches by example, drawing on her excellence as an accordion player and musician making lessons fun and challenging. Elena is a great music teacher and I have come to appreciate her caring friendship as well. 

                                                                                      Traci Gresser, parent of 2 students


She is kind, patient, and very encouraging.

     My 7 year old daughter has been taking lessons with Elena Fainshtein for about one year, and I am amazed at her progress during this time.
I first met Elena when she was teaching music and playing accordion at my daughter's preschool. Elena is an outstanding musician, and she inspires her students to love music as much as she does. She is kind, patient, and very encouraging. She helps her students choose music that is both challenging and fun. As her students perform at recitals, you can see the joy in her eyes.  
She is truly a gifted teacher and musician.   
                                                                                    Robyn Zudekoff 


Elena's love for music lives through every one of her students.

        I was born in India in family of musicians. I enjoy any type of music especially Indian, and Western classical music. Being a software engineer I never found time to learn any music.

But my passion for learning piano was ignited again when I met Elena five years ago through a mutual friend of ours. I was very fortunate to meet her.

Elena brought music into my life again, teaching me to play piano. She became a soul friend of me. Elena loves to teach kids, and kids adore her. I feel happy to see kids playing piano or accordion. Elena's love for music lives through every one of her students.
                                                                                                          Triveni Kaza

Under Elena's Instruction I have improved much faster than I ever imagined!

           As an older adult student leaning to play the Bayan my interests lie in developing my technical skills as well as building a repertoire of enjoyable music.

Elena tailored my Skype lessons with a mix of skill building exercises, alternative fingerings and many fun songs to play. I found Elena both enthusiastic and patient with my progress. She has the ability to diagnose my problems quickly and guide me on a path to correct them.

I highly recommend Mrs Fainshtein for any aspiring musician.

                                                                                       Keith Smith from California 


Ms Elena is got the talent to inspire people to play the accordion too.

    I like Ms Elena because she is nice, high spirited, encouraging and believes in me. She also helps me whenever I make a mistake and she is patient when I am trying to figure out a note by myself. She understands and tries to help me out when I have many mistakes on the song and fixes it with me.
Ms Elena teaches me lots of new songs I like, and I have feeling too to it. I think she is a great teacher to work with.
Also whats fun about communication with her is ,we like the same songs and both of us have feelings to them when we play it.
She is also a great teacher of accordion. She is highly believes in me that if I keep practicing I can be an accordionist.
She encourages me to playing accordion and never stop playing no matter what gets into my way.
Miss Elena is also great herself when she plays accordion: she feels like she is in a different world, which I really like about her. Ms Elena is got the talent to inspire people to play the accordion too.

In my opinion she is the best music teacher ever!!!
                                                                                   Coral Cohen, 10 years old