Elena and Gregory are among the most exciting and talented accordionists that I have had the pleasure of hearing. They are each virtuoso bayanists , but the magic really  begins  when  they combine as a duet. Their beautiful knack for matching dynamics and attack is delightful. With a repertoire ranging from classical, to jazz, to traditional, you will never tire of listening to this couple. Cleanly executed runs, perfectly interlaced passages, and interesting harmonies  are hallmarks of the Fainshteins. 
                                               Greg Klugiewicz 
President, Dallas Accordion Association

    My husband, Gregory, and I have been married for over 30 years and have been playing together since the age of 15. Our music, like our lives, has journeyed with us from the Soviet Union to Israel to Dallas, Texas - our home since 2003.

  We are both classically trained musicians and graduated from the Belorussian State Academy of Music.

  Our repertoire is diverse as we play everything from classic, folk, jazz, and polka. 


   Throughout our life together, Gregory and I have performed at a variety of concerts and venues all over the world which include Belarus, Russia, Georgia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Germany, Israel, and the United States. We have also participated in various conventions & festivals – The National Accordion Association Convention, Las Vegas International Accordion Convention, & Accordionist Teacher Guild.

   Additionally, we are very actively engaged in introducing this unique instrument to younger generations in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex through my private music school – Musical Expressions.

    Some of our most memorable accomplishments include a TV appearance when we lived in Israel, an article published about us by the Dallas Morning News, our participation at a TED Talk event in Dallas and the establishment of our profile on Gig Salad that allows our clients to easily book us for various events and share reviews of their experiences.




   During our music careers, we have released two albums entitled Musical Adventure and Together, which you can sample and purchase on my website, Amazon.com, and iTunes. In recent years we expanded our musical services to private parties, festivals, restaurants, and weddings.

   If you would like to schedule a performance or receive a quote, please Contact Us.