Welcome to Musical Expressions Accordion School! 

My name is Elena Fainshtein and I have over 30 years of experience performing and teaching music around the world. I am an accordion performer, conductor, and accordion teacher for both button and piano accordion. I also teach piano. If you are ready to begin lessons or are an established musician looking to hone your craft, you have found the right spot! 

Here at Musical Expressions Accordion school, I have mentored and taught numerous up-and-coming young accordion players. Many have gone on to win serious Accordion accolades such as The Big Squeeze contest and have gone on to perform at the best Accordion conventions in the United States such as the Las Vegas Accordion convention, The Accordionist and Teachers Guild Annual Festival and The National Accordion Convention. Additionally, many students go on to independently perform at churches, weddings, Oktoberfest, various musical and theatrical productions, retirement centers, and much more! My students come to me with raw talent and the enthusiasm to learn, and I turn them into confident, polished, and proficient players who are ready to entertain the world. 

Not only do students benefit from individual lessons, but we host two recitals each year where all students get the opportunity to perform their prepared pieces on stage and with a real audience. 

Aside from teaching, I established the Fainshtein Accordion Ensemble in 2013 which has grown to become a regularly performing Accordion group that is comprised of current and formers students from all over the United States. 

Please enjoy a video of our most recent performance at the Kawai Piano Gallery in January, 2024.  

Finally, when I am not teaching my students I enjoy collaborating with other accordion players and performing duets! My first duet partner was my beloved husband Gregory. We first met at the Music College of Belarus in 1978 when we were both 15 years old and first year students studying button accordion. I won’t go into too many details, but fast forward to 1986 and we were married and traveling the world as a professional Accordion duo! We started playing in Belarus and then our performances took us to Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Israel, and finally…to the United States! 

And you wont even believe this, we were then invited to do a TED talk where I shared the story of how the Accordion changed our lives. 

Unfortunately, since 2021 I have not been able to play with Gregory due to an illness that has affected his ability to perform. However, he encouraged me to continue playing duets with others so now I am performing frequently with both students and other professionals. 

   Here are some links to some of my recent exciting duets with various musicians: 

Maria Telesheva , Elena Fainshtein and Sergei Teleshev

Martina Li and Elena Fainshtein

Lucas Kaspar/Trombone and Elena Fainshtein

Thank you for visiting my website and I hope to hear from you soon.

And in parting wisdom, as I tell all of my students: “Play accordion, and miracles will happen!”



Latest News



You are invited!
Our concert is upon the corner! Check it out. Fun to all! 
See you there🎵


Tips and Tricks for Successfully Playing In a Duo

The workshop for Accordionists & Teachers Guild International (ATGI)


My student Elijah Clements on the FOX6


Big squeeze context!!!

Three of my Accordion students on NBC new  - Elaine Doggett, Nick Heatly, and Alex French, who won the “Big squeeze” contest this year.

Please check it out!



Not Just Oom-Pah Concert - Please enjoy!

It was great to perform for you in Not Just Oom-Pah Concert on February 27th, 2021 

The best selection of music – overture Mary Poppins, Slater’s Waltz, To Life, Waltz #2 by Shostakovich and more!

Check it out


Not Just Oompah! Accordion Concert and Workshop - UPDATE

Due to freezing weather in Texas last week our concert and workshops were postponed by a week. Check it out. See you on Saturday, February 27th, at 3.00 pm central time on a virtual concert on the Facebook page.


Accordion Duo Together is turning 40!!!

It's hard to believe, but our Accordion Duo is turning 40!

It was a long and fascinating journey and we anticipate much more!



Our third concert

Happy Saturday Everyone, Thank you for joining us for another virtual concert! If you’re able, please consider donating to Doctors Without Borders so that we can continue supporting those who are fighting the virus on the frontlines. For those who haven’t subscribed to my YouTube channel yet, please remember to subscribe to continue supporting Gregory & I in our mission to spread cheer through music & the love we share for the Accordion. Here’s the link - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyuz-44lXlsCuXUUzYtl4pQ For those who are new to my FB page, follow me to stay current on any upcoming concerts. And lastly, if you know of anyone who doesn’t have FB this video will also be available on my website at www.ElenaFainshtein.com Thank you for joining us today! Stay healthy & safe! Elena & Gregory - Together Accordion Duo

Posted by Elena Fainshtein on Saturday, May 2, 2020




Our second concert

Thank you for everyone who attended our second virtual concert today April 25th at 1.00pm Central time (CDT) here. https://www.facebook.com/Elena.fainshtein.5 We enjoyed playing for you💕🎶 See you next time!



2nd charity Accordion Duo virtual concert

2nd charity Accordion Duo virtual concert April 25, at 1.00 pm, right here on this page. This time we will "take" you to German, Hungary, Brazil and more 

Also, we are ready to play the songs that you requested. Please share, invite your friends. Stay safe and see you soon.