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One year ago, I began directing an enthusiastic group of people who love playing the accordion.
They are amateur players, some of them played as young adults while others have picked up the instrument in their 40s.
We came up with a name for our group, Happy Fingers Accordion Band.
We practice every other Saturday in my studio, and I am proud of the progress each and every member has made.


Our music varies from folk to classic, and we performed at the Plano Accordion Convention in March and at various recitals and accordion clubs.

If you can read music (even very basically) and want to have fun playing the accordion in a group,
I would like to invite you to join us.
Recently, our orchestra has participated at the National Accordion Association Convention as part of a larger, 40-member Advanced Orchestra. Under my conducting, the orchestra performed six pieces: America the Beautiful, Old Friends, Haffner Serenade, Radetsky’s March, The Girl From Ipanema and Yankee Doodle Boy. This orchestra united both experienced accordion masters and those had just discovered the beauty of playing the accordion.
Orchestra panorama