I would like to personally welcome you to my website.
My name is Elena Fainshtein, and I am a professional Accordion Player, Accordion/Bayan Teacher, Piano Teacher, and Conductor.

I have experience teaching the accordion and piano for over 25 years. Currently, I am working with children and adults in my own home studio Musical Expressions, located in Plano, Texas. Recently I have also started teaching Skype Accordion Lessons.

I have been playing in a duo with my husband Gregory Fainshtein for several decades, and our music has accompanied us from the Soviet Union, to the State of Israel, and for the past decade, in Texas. We have journeyed to different countries and learned other languages, but what has remained a constant is music.

If you looking for the live accordion music at your venue  - everything from engaging party and cocktail hour to Oktoberfest or Christmas party - we will make your event unforgettable! Please Contact Us for more information.
I also can make arrangements for accordion. I will put in professional accordion arrangement in conformity with your performance level any song written for any kind of instrument. Please Contact Us for details and pricing.

In the last year, I have taken up the role as the head of the Happy Fingers Accordion Band.

Music is my life, and I would love to share my passion with you!

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Flint, TX